The Crosspirators.

Innovation through collaboration.


                                                     ... THINK.

Companies and other organisations often find themselves in need of knowledge in their continuous struggle for progress and innovation. In many cases the knowledge or experience of others might be very useful. But that requires the right mindset. The Crosspirators experienced that companies (and in fact the persons behind the company) often find it difficult to collaborate or simply share knowledge with other actors. The reasons for that are very diverse and often invisible. Fear of competition and lack of trust between the collaborating actors are the most common. This is the individual reflex.

Just like Mr. Darwin and his evolution theory, organisations have to adapt and change in order to survive. So in one way or an other, every organisation is confronted with and goes through these continuous and essential processes. Organisations that are aware of this fact and know how to use it in their advantage, will have an unmistakable advantage. So the choice is yours: do you lead your organisation by your individual reflex or are you willing to collaborate?

Crosspirators are people who believe that collaboration brings more benefits than disadvantages. And above all they are willing to share their experiences and speak about the benefits they gained through collaboration. Benefits can be timesaving, new ideas for product development, cost efficieny, ... .  

                                                    ... ACT.

But also for organisations that are willing to collaborate, there is some difficulty in finding the right partners to collaborate with. The actors with whom can be collaborated are very diverse: employees, other firms, competitors, researchers, students, etc.

The Crosspirators want to do research on succesful combinations and why they are succesful. We focus on collaboration between companies on the one hand and collaboration between knowledge centres and companies on the other.

                                                    ... INNOVATE.

Depending on the needs of the organisation, the partners but also the platform and the way how they collaborate can thus differ a lot.

The Crosspirators want to collect these best practises, review the data and categorise them by using parameters. So in turn others can define their challenge using these parameters and find great examples that may be suitable to use in their own organisation.





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